30 Day Cell Phone Photo Challenge

This is a fun Photo-Challenge and open to all cell phone users.




Next Challenge Starts on 01 March 2021.

The challenge is a wonderful way to meet  people from around the world who love taking photos.

Starting dates:
  • 01 March 2021

Starting on the 1st of the month (EVERY MONTH) and stretching over over 30 Days during that month we upload a daily theme and a tip on how to capture that theme onto our Facebook Group.

This theme is created by an Accredited South African Pro Photographer and the tip will help you capture that theme.

Now… to keep it fresh and exciting….  YOU HAVE TO POST WITHIN 24 HOURS! So basically by the time the next theme is released.

Not sure if it’s for you?

Think about this … you always have a cell phone in your hand which means you always have a camera in your hand too.

So here are 3 questions ………

1) Do your cell phone photos look as good as you want them to?

2) Are you taking too many photos trying to get ‘One-Good-One?’

3) Do your photos all look similar?

If YES to the above – then Come Join Us!

Who is ‘Us’?

Us is…..thephotowalkers.com.

We have been successfully taking Educational Photo-Tours around the world as well as running 52-Week Photo-Challenges for Photographers with DSLR, Mirrorless and Bridge cameras for the past 7 years.

Through these channels we have helped 1000’s of photographers improve their photographic skills!

thephotowalkers.com is owned and managed by Peter Hassall (National President of SA Pro Photographers) & Leanne Dryburgh – the Western Cape Manager. Both of whom have many years experience in the photographic world. 

The Rules:
  • Only one entry per person per day.
  • If you do not enter on time every day then you do not qualify for the prize.
  • Late entries will be deleted and while the challenger may carry on with the challenge they will not qualify for the Grand Prize! 
  • Any negativity or nudity posted will be removed immediately.
  • No advertising of any kind what-so-ever is allowed.
The Grand Prize:

To qualify for the Grand Prize you must submit all 30 days on the day of the theme. If you do not submit every day – you do not qualify for the prize.

The Grand Prize is awarded to the photographer who shows the Most Creativity & is an A4 Fine Art Canvas Print chosen by the judges – delivered to your door.

The winner will be announced the day after the challenge ends. 

What is the Cost?
  • The price per entry is R600.00 for the whole month. 
Secure your place:

Please do an electronic fund transfer (EFT) into our account our banking details are:

  • The Photoshed
  • Nedbank
  • Hermanus
  • Branch Code 134512
  • Account Number 115 785 766 3
  • Current Account. Reference: Your surname and cellphone.
    Email your proof of payment to tours@thephotowalkers.com and let us know that you are IN!
Become part of a supportive photographic community:

Chat to your fellow challengers – comment on their images and make this an awesome experience for everyone in the challenge.

Terms & Conditions:
  • thephotowalkers.com admin panel retains the right to delete a member without explanation regarding any of the above.
  • No refund will be issued under any circumstances.

By taking part on the 30 Day Challenge  you agree to be bound by thephotowalkers.com indemnity terms and conditions.  thephotowalkers.com, it’s staff, employees, suppliers and partners will not be held responsible for loss, injury, death or damage including consequential loss of any nature what-so-ever when on our tours.  By booking this challenge you understand and accept this.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality:

By booking this challenge you accept and agree that any information given as well as any service providers, locations, workshops, partners, techniques or any part of the challenge what-so-ever is the Intellectual Property of The Photowalkers (t/a thephotowalkers.com).