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The success of South Africa as a tourist destination is well documented. South Africa also presents a fantastic photographic canvas with exceptional weather and numerous exclusive photographic locations. This provides the best environment available to amateur photographers.

The South African Professional Photographers (SAPP) is an exclusive group of Accredited, full -time Professional Photographers – where members have extensive knowledge and experience. There are currently 250 members across Southern Africa. only works these Accredited Photographers to instruct on our workshops.

When coupling these three facts – the frustrated camera owner, the superb photographic destination of South Africa and the hands-on Professional Photographic instruction – the result is a unique offering in global photo tourism. brings a refreshing practical learning experience to the camera owner by providing hands on photographic tutoring on location.

There are a variety of tours across South Africa which include: Our  Six day Photo-Tours, Weekends Away, Weekend Workshops, a Seven hour Photo-Workshops and  three hour Photo-Workshops. are now offering International Photo-Tours to Spain, Italy and Romania.

All tours are photographic workshops and cater for a maximum of 8 clients at a time, and a minimum of 4. This Professional Photographer is well versed in the locations with regards to all aspects of photography. On the transported tours, our bus driver is ASATA accredited, thus being able to offer a tour guide angle en route.

Once you are part of network, you will have unlimited professional knowledge that will be at your disposal for a constructive critique on your photographs and guidance in what equipment to buy at your disposal. is an award winning concept that is attracting both national and international passionate photographers.

Come join us!!