Central Kalahari. 10 Day Safari. 8-17 May 2018

Kalahari- An African Dream Safari.

A life time experience in an open safari vehicle for 6 days while on a Mobile Safari followed by 3 days in a lodge on a Private Game Farm where there is a village of Bushmen to meet, understand and photograph their daily lives. This is a unique experience offered only to thephotowalkers.com.



Mobile Safari’s are the ‘hassle-free’ way to enjoy the  while sleeping in a tent under the stars without the inconvenience of having to pitch tents, cook, wash up, drive etc. This allows for a wonderful opportunity to sleep in a little later and waking up to hot coffee and rusks for the early morning game drive, stay a little later on the evening game drives without having to rush back and cook before it gets dark and rest during the heat of the day without having to clean your tents, wash your dishes etc. The lodge that follows your 6-days mobile safari is an African Treat!


Simply sit back and reap the rewards of our teams many years of experience in the bush and behind the lens.



8-17 May 2018.


This Photo-Safari is priced from $3950.00 per person for 10 days.

Number of people:

There are a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people per Safari allowing each person a window seat on our 2 open safari vehicles.

Non photographers are welcome at the same rate as photographers.

Private Safari bookings can be arranged for families, clubs, friends or corporates.

About The Central Kalahari:

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the ultimate in ‘remote’ safari destinations. Nothing prepares you for the immensity of this reserve, nor its wild, mysterious beauty. There is the immediate impression of unending space, and having the entire reserve to yourself.

Waist-high golden grasses seem to stretch interminably, punctuated by dwarfed trees and scrub bushes. Wide and empty pans appear as vast white stretches of saucer-flat earth, meeting a soft, blue-white sky. At night the stars utterly dominate the land; their brilliance and immediacy are totally arresting.

The Central Kalahari game Reserve (CKGR) is the largest, most remotely situated reserve in Southern Africa, and the second largest wildlife reserve in the world, encompassing 52 800 sq kilometers.

During and shortly after good summer rains, the flat grasslands of the reserve’s northern reaches teem with wildlife, which gather at the best grazing areas. These include large herds of springbok and gemsbok, as well as wildebeest, hartebeest, eland and giraffe.

At other times of the year, when the animals are more sparsely distributed, the experience of travelling through truly untouched wilderness, of seemingly unending dimensions, is the draw.

The Team:


Peter Hassall (National President of SA Pro-Photographers with 35 years experience) and Leanne Dryburgh (Western Cape Manager of SA Pro-Photographers with 25 years experience) from thephotowalkers.com will be teaching photography for this duration of this safari while on the vehicles as well as for allocated times at camp. Leanne has lived and worked in Botswana as a photographer and Peter’s incredible technical knowledge will help anyone at any level. One-on-one lessons available in camp upon request. Time-lapse, night skies, close up, portraits and macro also included.

Safari Guide:

Our Safari guide has been hand-picked by thephotowalkers.com team for his deep knowledge of the bush and his love of photography. His father arrived in Botswana in 1959 and was involved in the wildlife industry his whole career.  His son (our guide) grew up in the bush and has formed his own company specialising in mobile safaris. Together with his wife and highly trained team they pay strict attention to detail and have the knowledge and experience to make this an unforgettable experience.


On arrival day:

Meet and Greet at Maun Airport and transfer to the Central Kalahari, which should take less than four hours driving. Camp will be set up on a vegetated dune near Deception Valley in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

Day 2-5:

Deception Valley is one of the highlights of Botswana, principally because of the dense concentrations of herbivores its sweet grasses attract during and after the rainy season and of course the accompanying predators. 4 full days will be spent with early morning and afternoon game drives, exploring this vast part of the Kalahari Desert travelling to areas around Deception Valley, Lethlihau, Passarge, Sundays and Leopard Pans. The Central Kalahari Game Reserve is a massive park with very few roads.

A true pristine wilderness.

During this time there will be intense photographic workshops pushing you to your next level – as well as feedback on images and deep critting. Lightroom courses will be given and guides on filing, storing and backing up your images.

Day 6-7: 

Pack up in Deception Valley and take a packed lunch prepared by our chef to enjoy en-route. Ariive at an eco-lodge certified by ‘Green Tourism Botswana’ which is engaged in both conservation and community issues. Located in a 60,000 hectare private game conservancy in the Kalahari. Large meru-style tents with en-suite bathrooms and in two stone chalets are on offer. Each tent and chalet has its own private veranda with gorgeous views of a rocky waterhole. The setting around the camp is delightful and the presence of animals drinking at the waterhole makes it even more outstanding.

Spend the days looking for rhino and other game. One also has the option to sit in a hide near a waterhole and learn to photograph the world as it passes you. These are small hides for 2 possibly 3 people and allow you to get close to desert game and birds as they come to water.

Day 8-9: 

Spend the days in an authentic San Village photographing San in their present environment. Lunch will be back in Camp and the afternoons will be spent with San people in their traditional clothing as we teach portraiture and lifestyle photography. This canvas offers unique photographic opportunities such as architecture, food, still lives, depth of field and shutter speed lessons on traditional gear and moving feet in the African dust.  We will also be taken on a walk explaining the Kalahari and how they survive in it. The last evening we will be treated to a Trance Dance by the San.

Day 10:

Leave Deception Valley and the Kalahari and drive to Maun to catch your flight home.
This is a three hour drive on paved roads so a closed in vehicle (Toyota Quantum) will be used for the transfer.

There are three packages in the mobile safari – the Explorer, the Exclusive and the Classic.

All package include:

  • Collection from your home/hotel in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Hermanus and Cape Town and transport to Cape Town or Johannesburg International Airport – OR – Meet and greet at premises in Maun where you can safely leave your vehicle while on safari.
  • Transport in a Quantum from Maun on day 1 and back to Maun on day 10.
  • The service of a professional safari guide and a full safari crew, including cook, mess steward and general assistants.
  • Accommodation in a lodge for the last 3 days.
  • Encounters with Bushmen
  • Two accredited SA Pro-Photographers to help guide and teach you photography throughout the safari. Bonus Workshops include time-lapse, star trails, painting with light and so much more.
  • Zoom lenses up to 600mm with Canon and Nikon Mounts available at your disposal as well as OLYMPUS Cameras and a variety of lenses.
  • Beds and mattress with comfortable cotton linen duvets and bath towels while on safari.
  • Wash stand basins and mirror in front of each tent. En-suite toilets.
  • A large mess tent where one can relax and where meals are served. There is a dining table, serving table and drinks table with tea and coffee always available.
  • A fully kitted out safari vehicle with 220v inverters for charging batteries, a first aid box, satellite phone and refrigerator to keep drinks cold.
  • A charging station for all cameras and laptops.
  • Full Safari camp, including solar lighting in all tents, full kitchen and a dedicated back up vehicle.
  • All meals and drinks including local beer, spirits and wine.
  • 12% Government Value Added Tax.
  • Membership with Okavango Air Rescue. Please note that this is not a medical insurance it only guarantees helicopter evacuation to Maun with a qualified medic on board should something happen.


The Explorer Package includes:
The Exclusive Package includes:
The same as the Explorer package with the added luxuries:
The Classic Package includes:
The same as the Exclusive package with the added luxuries:
  • 3m x 3m dome tents with verandah.
  • 3 by 3 dome tents with verandah.
  • A large Meru tent with a large verandah and chairs.
  • En-suit toilet.
  • En-suit toilet.
  • En-suite shower and toilet facilities.
  • Bedrolls on the ground with linen and bath towels.
  • 2 single solid beds with high density foam mattress and comfortable linen and bath towels.
  • 2 single solid beds with high density foam mattress and comfortable cotton linen.
  • Wash basins at the entrance to the tent.
  • Wash basins at the entrance to the tent.
  • The wash basins are replaced with free hanging basins with jugs of hot & cold water.


All three packages exclude:

  • Travel insurance.
  • International Flights
  • Gratuities.
  • Medical insurance.

International Flights:

Please book your tickets on either of these flights – depending on your departure city (Cape Town or Johannesburg)

8 May 2018:

Cape Town to Maun – SA8604 departing 10h35 landing 13h05

JHB to Maun – SA8300 departing 11h45 landing 13h15

17 May 2018:

Maun to Cape Town – SA8605 departing 13h35 landing 16h10

Maun to JHB – SA8301 departing 14h00 landing 15h40

What to bring:

  • Clothing, Layers, due to the fluctuating temperatures on the open vehicle. Lightweight but protective clothing is recommended, in neutral colour’s like olive green, tan and beige. Trousers or shorts are recommended with loose fitting shirts. A windbreaker and a fleece are needed as well as gloves, a woollen beanie and a scarf night time.
  • There are facilities to wash have your clothes washed.
  • Comfortable foot ware is essential  and needs to be well worn, not new. It is dusty in Botswana so a combination of closed hiking boots and shoes are recommended, with one pair of open shoes.
  • Hat and sunglasses, sun block, insect repellent and lip salve.
  • Your camera gear (please email leanne@thephotowalkers.com if you are confused about which lenses, filters etc to bring). Spare batteries, memory cards, the correct charging adaptors and cleaning cloths, lens pens etc.
  • Your laptop with Lightroom loaded onto it.
  • Any reading material that you will find useful or enjoy while relaxing.

Non-Photographers and minimum age:

  • Non-Photographers are welcome on the Safari at the same price as photographers
  • The minimum age required of 18 is required.

Fitness and health:

As we are in an open wildlife area, a minimum fitness level is required as there is no walking or running facilities or allowed in the area. Should you suffer from any chronic medical conditions, we recommend that you get a full medical clearance before committing to this Safari.


All visitors must have a passport that is valid for at least six months. Visas are not required for citizens of the Commonwealth and European Community countries, Scandinavia and the United States of America to enter Botswana. Should you be coming form another country and will need to apply for a visa – please email leanne@thephotowalkers.com for details.

Payment Terms:

  • A deposit of $750.00 per person is required to secure your place/s. This will be held in a trust account and refunded to you should the minimum number of people not be reached by the closing date for the tour – 25 April 2018. Should the minimum number be reached before the closing date, we will confirm the trip and your deposit will count as a part payment.
  • 50% of the balance will then be payable by no later than 25 April 2018 and the balance is payable in full by no later than 1 May 2018.
  • Discounts offered on groups of 6 or more.

Cancellations and refunds:

  • $750 deposits are not refunded if cancelled by the client under any circumstances what-so-ever. In the event that thephotowalkers.com have to cancel – a full refund of the $750 will be issued.
  • A 20% refund of the monies paid will be issued between 31 December 2017 and 31 March 2018.
  • No refunds made for any cancellation after 31 March 2018.


Although every possible care is taken to safeguard you and your property, no company involved in this Safari accepts responsibility for any accident, injury, illness or death incurred during or arising from any safari, or loss or damage to clients property during a Safari. We strongly advise you take out insurance for yourself and your property before the start of the Safari.

No company involved will be held responsible for any expenses or loss of Safari days resulting from changes in flight schedules, delays or loss of baggage by international air carriers or local air charter companies.


By booking this Photo-Tour you agree to be bound by thephotowalkers.com indemnity terms and conditions. thephotowalkers.com, it’s staff, employees, suppliers and partners will not be held responsible for loss, injury, death or damage including consequential loss of any nature what-so-ever. By booking this tour you understand and accept this. thephotowalkers.com will do their best to avoid any circumstances that may lead to the above.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality:

By booking this tour you understand, accept and agree that any information given as well as any service providers, locations, workshops, partners, techniques or any part of the tour what-so-ever is the Intellectual Property of The Photowalkers (t/a thephotowalkers.com.)