My Camera Basics (19 December 2017)

”I have all these letters on my camera – VR, A TV, ISO, S, A, P, M, BKT, WB, LV, SD, CF, CL, AF, EC. What do they mean and what on earth do they do??!!”

This course will gently introduce you to an understanding of your equipment so that you can enjoy your photographic journey to its fullest.

The beauty of this course is:

    • you are in a small group.
    • you practice with your own camera.
    • you are on location so you can apply what you are learning.
    • you have an Accredited Professional Photographer to help guide and explain the technical aspects to you, simplifying the creative side of photography.

This course will also lead you to an understanding of The Exposure Triangle – which is essential in enabling to take the photographs that you aspire to.


19 December 2017. 10h00 – 13h00.

Price and Payment Policy:

The price is R500.00 per person.

Take off 10% if you have been on an Educational Photowalk with us before!
In order to secure your place, full payment needs be made with the booking.


Professional Photographic Workshops on location under the guidance of an Accredited South African Professional Photographer. Includes entrance fee to the Gardens.


Camera gear and accessories, refreshments, and cash related expenses such as parking and gratuity.

What to Bring:

In order to achieve the most from the Accredited South African Professional Photographer, a camera body with a manual mode function is recommended. However, all makes of cameras are welcome.

What to Wear:

Comfortable walking shoes are recommended as well as weather related clothing.


A certain level of fitness is required to enable you to transport your own camera bag.
Although this photowalk is  3-hours, only reasonably short to medium distances are covered.


None! Photographers of all skills level are welcome. Come Join Us!


Kirstenbosch Gardens

Please note – If there is not a minimum of three bookings, we will convert your 3-hour walk into a one-hour private lesson