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Thank you for visiting thephotowalkers.com – take a minute to read who we are, what we are all about and we have have 80% repeat business from our loyal clients.


The success of beautiful tourist destinations is well documented.  Since 2012 thephotowalkers.com have handpicked a few of these and driven the back roads to offer the most authentic hands-on experience to our clients. We have travelled far to find local partners to work with – and to trust our clients with.


Solo Travellers are 85% of our client base. We must be doing something right!

Our clients feel welcomed, safe, meet other people and come back for more!

thephotowalkers.com brings a refreshing practical learning experience to the traveller by providing hands on photographic guidance through-out our tours.

With the incredible cameras in smart phones we believe that everyone in the world is a photographer and wants to understand how to take better photographs. When coupling the enthusiastic traveler, the eager to improve photographer (wether it be a DSLR, mirrorless, cell phone or film camera) our hand-picked and superb photographic destinations with the hands-on Professional Photographic instruction – the result is a unique offering in global tourism.

The Accompanying photographers are The South African Pro Photographers (SAPP) – which is an exclusive group of Accredited, full -time working Pro Photographers – where members have extensive knowledge and experience. There are currently only around 400 members across S.A.
thephotowalkers.com only works these Accredited Photographers to instruct on our tours, giving our clients deep knowledge and understanding.

There are a variety of Tours across South Africa as well as International Tours to Italy, Spain, Zanzibar.

And our winning Mobile Safari to Botswana.
Leanne Dryburgh worked as a photographer in Botswana during 1993 and the 11-day Photo-Safari is a unique and very special experience. There is nothing commercial about this Safari – its an authentic African Experience.

All tours are photographic workshops have limited numbers. The groups are small and all plans such as accommodation and travel can be arranged for you. On our bigger tours, all in arranged.

Once you are part of thephotowalkers.com network, you will have unlimited professional knowledge that will be at your disposal for a constructive critique on your photographs and guidance in what equipment to buy at your disposal.

thephotowalkers.com is an award winning concept that is attracting both national and international passionate photographers.

Come join us!!

Peter Hassall and Leanne Dryburgh

+27 83 293 7208

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