KZN 24, 25, 26 September

9 Pop-Up Photography Workshops

Join us for a full tour with transport, accommodation and all the workshops 

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if you live in the area, join us for the workshops that you want! 

Thursday 23 September:

Airport transfers from Durban.

Friday 24 September:
  • 09h00 – 11h30: My Camera Basics. Setting your camera up and getting the technical basics explained easily. 

  • 12h30 – 15h00: Aperture & depth of field. Understanding all the f-stops and when to use them. 

  • 16h00 – 18h30: Landscapes and composition. Foreground, middle ground, background. How to find and photograph the hero.

Saturday 25 September:
  • 05h30-08h00: Shutter Speed on the beach. How and when to shoot from 1/4000 to a full 30 seconds

  • 10h30 – 13h00: Macro & close up.  A deep study of the wonderful world of Macro and close up. 

  • 15h30 – 18h00: Working with off camera flash. Learn to fill, bounce, diffuse, sync and understand your flash.

Sunday 26 September:
  • 09h00-11h30: Interior and exterior Architecture. Getting your lines and light right!

  • 13h30-16h00: Lightroom.  Beginners.

  • 19h30 – 21h30:  Night skies / painting with light. A wonderful evening teaching many techniques.

Monday 27 September:

Airport transfers to Durban.

Who are the photographic instructors?
  • Peter Hassall (National President of SA Pro-Photographers with 35 years experience). Peter Hassall will only join if there are more than 6 bookings.

  • Leanne Dryburgh (Western Cape Manager of SA Pro-Photographers with 27 years experience).


Locations will be given to all confirmed places.  Please fill out the Bookings button above to book your place.


Tripods are essential on all workshops except Lightroom. They are available to rent at R100 per lesson, or R250 per day.

Maximum and minimum numbers:

Minimum number of people per lesson of 8 people and a maximum of 20.
These Pop-Ups are wonderful – so for us to travel to your area, spread the word!

Any questions?

Give Leanne a call on 083 293 7208.

Price and Payment:

Places are only secured via EFT:  The banking details are:

The Photo Shed
Hermanus – Branch code: 134512
Account number: 115 785 7663
Current account
Ref: Your surname

What is excluded?
  • Camera gear and accessories and cash related expenses such as parking/gratuity/drinks etc.

  • All accommodation, meals and transport.

On Accommodation:

Accommodation an be arranged from:

  • R500 per person per night – single supplement or 

  • R350 per person sharing per night.  Admin booking fee of R400 will apply.  All these options are in the booking form below for you to fill in.

On Meals:

We work with ‘Nutmegs Kitchen’ who is a trained chef and cooks beautifully for all dietary requirements. She prepares 2 dinners, 1 brunch and 2 continental breakfasts that we bring with us. Its great to be with everyone at meal time, so let us know on the booking form below if would like to see the menu and be included. 

On Transport:

Airport transfers can be arranged.  You may also be interested in Transport throughout the weekend.  All these options are in the booking form below for you to fill in.

What is included?

Photographic instruction by Peter Hassall (National President of SA Pro-Photographers) and Leanne Dryburgh.

What should I wear or bring?
  • Comfortable clothing and walking shoes are recommended.

  • Warm jackets and windbreakers/rain jackets.

  • Head torches for night time photography.


By booking these Pop-Ups, you agree to be bound by thephotowalkers.com indemnity terms and conditions. thephotowalkers.com, its staff, employees, suppliers and partners will not be held responsible for loss, injury, death or damage including consequential loss of any nature whatsoever while on the tour, in the shared transport, in the accommodation or during an activity.  By booking this tour, you understand and accept this. thephotowalkers.com will do their best to avoid any circumstances that may lead to the above.

Intellectual Property and Confidentiality:

By booking these Pop-Ups, you understand, accept and agree that any information given as well as any service providers, locations, workshops, partners, techniques or any part of the tour whatsoever is the Intellectual Property of The Photowalkers (t/a thephotowalkers.com).

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