We believe that its not what we say, its what our clients say

Macro and Lightroom 2019
– Margaret du Toit

Leanne came to the rescue offering a one on one, three hour workshop which was so informative and user friendly. She is an excellent teacher keeping everything simple and using analogies that I understood.

Low Light and Neighbourgoods market 2019
– Michelle Baxter

Low Light and Neighbourgoods market were excellent.

Low light and Painting with Light Workshop Jozi 2019
– Kiren Maharaj

Awesome lowlight workshop in Sandton yesterday … thanks to the Leanne and Peter

Spring in the Cape 2018
– Saskia Cole

I had a wonderful Cape Spring Tour. Leanne and Peter are so passionate about photography and love to teach. Well organized and lovely accommodation. I’ll definitely be back.

Spring in the Cape Photo Tour 2018
– Arauna Bezuidenhout

I’ve signed up for the Photowalkers tour in “Spring in the Cape” and enjoyed every moment from the beginning to the end. Peter and Leanne is super knowledgeable and lots of experience who can assist you as Photographer of all levels. From Beginners to Advance. I just love their passion and energy. I can recommend any of the tours and workshops as I’ve joined 2 photo challenges and done some workshops. I’ve done lots of courses and workshops over a period of 20 years and for the first time understand some technical stuff better than ever. Practical hands on guidance and genuine people. I’m a happy and proud photowalker.

Clarens and Eastern Free State Photo Tour 2018
– Trevor Johnstone

I signed up for the Photowalkers tour to Clarens in March and arrived feeling very nervous and unsure of myself as a rank beginner – probably how everyone felt at first, I guess. However, Peter and Leanne had us all relaxed and comfortable in no time.
This wonderful couple then spent the whole weekend patiently sharing their extensive knowledge with us and teaching us. All whilst we travelled, shared meals together, laughed, crawled through fences, balanced on slippery rocks, avoided being trampled by cows, shared tips/experiences with one another and even when we sat on the roadside with a broken-down vehicle and they broke out the Old Brown Sherry!
You guys have an amazing gift of teaching your craft in a simple way and also bringing people together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Thank you!
I will certainly be signing up for more in future!!!
Yours sincerely, Trevor Johnstone

Clarens and Eastern Free State Photo Tour 2018
– Barbara Mitton

What a wonderful creative ,fun and informative weekend we had in Clarens with Peter and Leanne. They have such patience and are willing to share as much as possible with you. The countryside is beautiful, the fellow photographers were a lot of fun and I learnt so much! I would love to do another weekend with you!!

Winelands 2016 Photo-Tour
– Graeme Kheen

“Ok, so you own a camera and are a photographic enthusiast wondering whether or not to invest some time on a weekend away, or maybe even just a morning.  Just do it, you won’t regret it, so long as you are willing to learn and get up early in the morning, maybe rest during the afternoon and get home after dark.  I had the pleasure of joining Leanne and Peter on the Winelands tour, through Tulbagh, Robertson and Franschoek.  It was not just about taking random pretty pictures in various locations, it was about tapping into their years of experience over a glass of wine, okay grape juice for me, coffee or simply bottled water while chewing on a salami stick. It was about commenting over images during a meal, receiving advice on a variety of topics.  It was like being a storm chaser, where’s the light falling, where will the light be falling in 5hrs, where’s north, where’s the best vantage point, creating dust and deciding what kind of image one is looking for.  It’s so much more than just taking another plain old photograph with the knowledge you currently have.  I learn’t so much more about building your photograph and what makes a great photograph, sometimes just re-emphasizing and re-applying the basics in a new light.  Often it’s just patience, and because you did your homework and you have a great location or vantage point, perhaps a rainbow will spread across the sky in the middle of your frame, that happened to us.  Regardless, you will be rewarded for your “storm chasing” efforts.  No YouTube or classroom material will ever give you this kind of experience with your own camera.  I’m honored to have been a part of this tour hosted by two very special, passionate and humble people who have your best interest at heart, willing to pour out  their knowledge all to help you find that HERO shot, thank you Peter and Leanne, this was a great memory.”

Namaqualand 6-day Daisy Photo-Tour
– Alta Todd

“The Photowalkers are doing an amazing job in helping photographers grow to a higher level in their photography skills and knowledge. I have done quite a few photowalks and a “Daisy Tour”with Leanne and Peter (as well as a “52 week Challenge”) and therefore have experienced firsthand how professional and “hands on” they are in advising and guiding one in the right direction! Even though I have always been an avid photographer there were still a few things I couldn’t quite grasp. Ever since my very first photowalk with Leanne, who was very patient in explaining how “manual” works (a setting I used to avoid for lack of knowledge!!), something just “clicked”, both in my brain and on my camera.

 Since then  I have learned many “tips and tricks” on the photowalks and have definitely grown as a photographer. ‘Knowledge breeds confidence’ and I can now truly enjoy and pursue my passion for photography, thanks to the Photowalkers! Best of all, the Photowalks are always a lot of fun! I can highly recommend them, no matter what level you are on. I believe there is always room for improvement and one NEVER stops learning! May they grow from strength to strength.”

Macro at Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens
– Ingrid Jensen

“Thanks again  Leanne for an informative and fun class yesterday”

Shutter Speed Workshop at High Tide in Hermanus
– Dalene Worral

“Thank you for a SUPER lesson, learned so much!!”

Namaqualand 6-day Daisy Photo-Tour
– Reg Magennis

“Experience of an accompanying spouse
Usually I look to the couch in front of the TV for a reprieve from the tensions and challenges of the hostile business world. However, this time the safety, routine and solitude of my scheduled TV Break was forcefully ‘hijacked’ by my over-adventurous wife who insisted that I join her as an ‘accompanying spouse’. We were off with some crowd calling themselves THEPHOTOWALKERS.COM To Namaqualand. To take pictures of flowers!

As I hauled her 50kg suitcase in the usual 1000m dash that precedes every flight we do together, there was no time for morbid reflection of the unwatched TV break. We had people to greet; luggage to pack into the combi; names to learn; rendezvous’ to make; territories to mark, and stuff to do … Very multi-tasking and rather frightening for the average male like myself.

Our trip commenced with an unscheduled (free) luxury boat ride at the Waterfront. And Peter, one of the Team Leaders provided a surprisingly insightful harbour-architecture commentary and the science of light and form … I was suitably impressed. And when Leanne, the other Team Leader, delivered a complementary technical exposition – drawn from a far-reaching realm of digital science, I realized that we were in the presence of a superior clan of photo-geniuses that can even teach accountants (like myself) something exquisitely new …

My now relaxed attitude and newfound interest paved the way for a lovely photographic adventure of note. Every stop (camera or otherwise), every scene, every experience, brought fresh perspectives, new insights, and enriching revelations. We called ourselves a ‘clique’ of photographers (i.e. the collective noun) and as the ‘accompaniment’ (i.e. I too had a Term), I gleaned snippets of “low hanging” tuition to build and perfect my very own Apple iPhone photo collection. Both Peter and Leanne provided me with exceptional insights and guidance, convincing me at some level that I have a talent for floral landscapes and moonlit seascapes … “Well maybe and perhaps,” my Wife added condescendingly.

Peter, being a multi-talented guy like myself, even managed to successfully mitigate in a domestic scene where my Wife wanted to buy several pockets of notably sweet citrus fruit and all but fill the combi for the next 200km! Now that was a win, beautifully handled indeed!

Our travels across breathtaking West Cape terrain – from country villas, to palatial seaside apartments – gave new meaning to the words “luxury living” and the exquisite and varied culinary fare raised the bar for gastronomic excellence, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

All too soon it ended and we sadly bade farewell to great new friends, rich photographic experiences and lovely memories from the trips along the scenic country roads. The now 60kg suitcase wobbled heavily as I raced along the ramp to the departure terminal … “What’s to care, we’d had a fabulous time and besides, I was nearly a newbie iPhone photographer!”

Reg Magennis”

Nan-Hau Temple and Cullinan 7-hour photowalk
– (Dr) Richard Brooksbank (PhD etc.)

“I first met Leanne Dryburgh in 2011 during a social photowalk to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa.

I was an enthusiastic and reasonably competent amateur photographer and I had been on a number of photowalks previously but despite taking some courses and getting lots of practice, I felt I just wasn’t getting the results I wanted from my photos.

On this particular walk it was obvious that Leanne was very competent with her camera and so I approached her for some advice and assistance. She was very willing to help me and passed on some hints and tips about composition and the technical aspects of photography that seemed to make all the difference to the appearance and quality of the photos I was taking.

So much so that I have subsequently sold some of my photos at exhibitions and through stock photography sites but more importantly, I think I just enjoy my photography more thanks to Leanne’s help”

Critical Mass Cycle Race 3-hour Photowalk
– Leigh-Ann Hutton

“Hi Leanne. Wow! What a great experience it was last night. We were surrounded by vast knowledge and the team were excited to share it. Thank you to everyone who was there I loved the evening and will be seeing you on another walk. The next one in Cape Town.”

Nizamiye Turkish Masjid Mosque
– Dotti Lai Lam

“Thank you very much a great afternoon. I really learnt a lot and Collette and Roger were most helpful too. I can’t wait to put the new skills into practice over the holidays.”

Irene Farm 3-hour Photowalk
– Claudia Bunge Risch

“Thank you so much! Loved meeting you all and I really enjoyed the photowalk! Will certainly be using the tips you all gave me”

Nizamiye Turkish Masjid Mosque 3-hour Photowalks
– Martin Dohm

“Hi Leanne, It was GREAT having you as a tutor!!! Thank you for teaching me so admirably. It was a fantastic afternoon.”

Critical Mass Cycle Race 4-hour Photowalk, Friday evening, 29 November 2013
– Shelley Van Rooyen

“Thanks Leanne. I haven’t had so much fun since I was a kid. Thank you so much and to all the guys as well.”

Irene Farm 3-hour Photowalk, Sunday morning
– Werner Van Goethem

“Vincent, Leanne, Dawid & Colette, it was a pleasure meeting you all this morning. Thank you all for your patience and guidance with the challenging light conditions”

Eastern Free State Photowalk, March 2013
– Jane Dunne

“I was very excited about finally spoiling myself with my Canon 5D Mark II in 2010 and was raring to go out into the world, expecting to produce beautiful photographs, just like that. As soon as I got started I realized that it wasn’t going to be quite so straight forward. There was so much to learn. I joined a social group of like-minded people and, though it was lots of fun, I found that everyone was very much on their own mission photographically and I still felt a little ‘lost’. I attended a couple of short, basic photography courses but, I have to admit, I came away possibly more confused than when I had started! I picked up some of the basic concepts and understood what to do but I struggled to apply this to actually using my camera in different situations ‘out in the field’. Then, in March 2013, I went on a weekend away with friends to Rosendal in the Free State and was lucky to spend some time with Leanne Dryburgh. We spent a couple of days driving around to different locations, at different times of the day, in different lights and all the time Leanne gently guided me and showed me step by step how to use my camera and more importantly, what to do when. Her artistic eye and ability to really SEE the angles, depths, framing, textures and light was contagious. I came away after those couple of days knowing more about my camera and about photography than I had learned in the previous two years! A good teacher is able to get across the facts but more importantly, is able to ignite the passion and lead a person to want to learn more. Leanne is certainly a good teacher. I have been buzzing ever since our time in the Free State and have ‘fallen in love’ all over again with capturing beauty and interest with my camera. Thanks Leanne!”

“Various Walks”
– Dotti Lai Lam

“Thank you to The Photowalkers team for the great excursions I’ve been on with you.  The experience and enthusiasm from the professional photographers is commendable.  They are not scared to share their knowledge.  The outings are such fun and practical that one is not even aware of the time.I hope to join you on many  more.”